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July 28th 2021:

Testing on iOS 15 Beta continues. The initial iOS 15 developer beta has been available for two weeks, and it looks like most of the 300+ changes will not effect our user experience. The new release gives iPhone users features as tag support for the Notes app, Focus modes with customizable Home screens, and major updates to Accessibility. 

July 24th 2021:

We are currently in the process of overhauling the codebase to the app as well as testing the current app on iOS 15 Beta. Check back on this page for additional updates as we prepare for the upcoming season.

First, a little background. The app was initially built on a codebase called Ruby on Rails. At the time it was a good choice for our budget to produce the MVP. Our CTO Sam Sesti accurately predicted that we would eventually need to leave Ruby on Rails for a codebase that offered a larger community of developers.

We are now making the move forward, and giving the app a much needed transition to React Native (developed by Facebook). I am personally financing the development with no capital call to the investors or dilution (in addition to all monthly expenses for the last 2 seasons).

The move to React Native will provide us with a large community of developers and a central codebase that pushes a single written change to versions for iOS, Android, and web – reducing the cost of development.

This undertaking is major and will require a lot of testing internally – as our software has many rules and schedule-related nuances to its gameplay. The new app will resurrect our android users as well and allow the option for us to release a web version of the game on the website.

I will continually provide updates on this development in the coming weeks.


React Native
Core Development
Work List


NEW SCREENS FOR: My Picks, All Games, League Picks, and League Stats Pages

• Implement My Picks screen.
• Implement All Games screen.
• Implement League Picks screen.
• Implement FP Live league stats and popular picks screen(s).

NEW SCREENS FOR: Scoring, Gameplay, League Teams, Powerups Menu

• Implement real-time scoring displays on home screen.
• Implement Standings screen.
• Implement league teams screen (with removed teams at bottom of list, marked with “RIP” label). RIP Label if abandoned (not removed because they didn’t play).
• Implement team removal and abandonment UIs.
• Implement Powerups menu screen.
• Implement generic powerup info screen, Buy action, and credit purchase UIs.
• Implement generic powerup detail popup dialog.
• Implement video player for gameplay, scoring, and powerup videos.

Powerups Logic and User Interface transition to React:

• Implement powerup availability checks and messaging.
• Implement Pick Revealer, Ask the Gurus, Global Pick Percentage, Late Picker, Unlock Picks, and Bandwagon powerups.
• Add powerup banners/links from the Home, My Picks, and League Picks screens to the Late Picker, Unlock Picks, and Powerups menu screens.
Add 1 Large Global/Public Leagues, Ability to Invite Friends, and Invites to Address Book
• Implement FourPlay global pro and college leagues with +7 teaser.
• Implement invitation UI for global, public, and private leagues.
• Implement 1 large FourPlay Global Public League (so new users can try the game before becoming a Commissioner)
• Track “friends” of each user (league acquaintances and other invitees).
• Track and display friend rankings in global league standings.
• Implement deep linking* to reduce or eliminate detours to web site during signup and invitation acceptance process (we are in the process of creating a account and accepting their terms of service).

New Features to increase user experience and engagement (Keep them on the app even longer!)

+Add motion graphics/animation to execute when teams win and lose. A.K.A. Operation “Bring FP Live to LIFE!”
+In-App Global Chat Feed
• Implement real-time chat server using Rails ActionCable or Node.js.
• Implement real-time client-server synchronization of FourPlay Global chat room activity.s.
The Global Feed will allow any player to chat, and
• Implement push notifications for “Commish” chat messages (pick deadline reminders, Commish “Blood Alerts” which means a team is in losing territory entering the 4th quarter, and alerts if a football team loses in FourPlay), with setting to enable/disable.
• Implement UI for FourPlay admins to broadcast custom notifications to all users.

Testing & Integration:

• Automated test development, automation, continuous integration
• Game operations and maintenance (tech support, scoring changes, etc.)