1. League Size: The size of a league is determine by the league Commissioner. A league must have at least 2 members and there is no cap on members. A good league should have at least 8-10 members so that you have weekly losers and shifts in the standings. With too few members there is a higher likelihood of “no blood” or no losers or all winners in multiple weeks.
  1. Teaser Juice Amount: Determined by each league’s Commissioner. We recommend the Commissioner using the calculator tool in the Commissioner settings to gauge the approximate season long point total distribution across their league. To change the weekly juice the Commissioner can go to League Home > press the # below “Juice”.
  2. Duration: TL2 shall be played over the course of a 21-week season. Each Team must commit to, and participate in, TL2 for each week of the 21-week season. There are no “bye” weeks, and Teams that fail to submit picks will always be subject to a loss unless they opt to use the Late Picker PowerUp (see info on PowerUp options below).
    Note: The 21-week season corresponds with the 17-week NFL regular season, 3-weeks of
    the NFL playoffs and a final week that will include the Super Bowl.
  3. Weekly Picks:

Each Team shall make weekly picks by selecting 4 teams to cover against a teased spread known as the FourPlay Spread (“FP Spread”). The FP Spread is the normal point-spread line adjusted by 14 points in favor of EACH chosen pick.
Example: If the Lions are playing the Packers and the Lions are favored by 3 points, the normal spread would be Detroit -3 and Green Bay +3, and the FP Spread would be Detroit +11 (-3+14=+11) and Green Bay +17 (+3+14=+17). So in a given week, if a Team wanted to pick the following NFL teams and associated normal point-spread lines: Chicago +3; Indianapolis -17; San Diego -14; and Philadelphia -7.5, their picks and associated FP Spreads for that week would be: Chicago +17; Indianapolis -3; San Diego +0 (or even); and Philadelphia +6.5.
Note: Due to the nature of a FP Spread, it is possible to pick both NFL teams playing against
each other in the same game and cover both picks, we call this THE STRADDLE.
Note: For Weeks 18, 19, 20 and 21 only, due to the fact that there are fewer NFL games
during NFL playoff weeks, and thus fewer games to choose from, FourPlay Football
shall expand the number of picking options by making the OVER/UNDER spreads
available for selection and the weekly FP Wager will change slightly as follows:
• Weeks 18 & 19 – each teaser team will make only 3 picks (instead of 4) and the
spreads will be adjusted by 10 points (instead of 14) in favor of each chosen
• Week 20 – each teaser team will make only 2 picks and the spreads will be
adjusted by just 6 points in favor of each chosen pick.
• Week 21 – Super Bowl Week – each teaser team will make only 1 pick against
the normal spreads without any adjustment.
& 19; 2 in the case of Week 20; and 1 in the case of Week 21) PICKS, EACH AGAINST THE

  1. Weekly Winners & Losers:

Each week, winners and losers will be established. A Team gets a “Win” for the week when it covers each one of its 4 (3 in the case of Weeks 18 & 19, 2 in the case of Week 20 and 1 in the case of Week 21) picks. A Team gets a “Loss” for the week when it fails to cover 1 or more of its 4 picks (3 in the case of Weeks 18 & 19; 2 in the case of Week 20; and 1 in the case of Week 21). In FourPlay Football, a “push” (a/k/a “tie”) against the FP Spread on any given pick is considered NOT COVERING and therefore results in a Loss.

  1. Implications of Weekly Wins & Losses:

Each week, each Team that loses its weekly FP Wager will concede to each Team that wins its weekly juice amount. All points accumulated or conceded shall accrue over the course of the 21-week season, and a running total will be tracked on the “Standings” page of FourPlay app.
Example: Suppose on a given week, in a league with 40 Teams, there are 18 Teams that
win and 22 Teams that lose. In a League with a Juice amount of 20, a winning team would
gain 20 from each of the 22 losing teams, for a total winning of 440 for the week.

Conversely, a losing Team would concede to each of the 18 winning Teams 20, for a total
loss of 360 for the week.

  1. Posting of Lines:

On THURSDAY of each week, the spreads and associated FP Spreads will be posted on the FourPlay app by 12:00 PM ET. Once distributed, lines are locked and will not change. However, games initially listed without a line may be updated to include a line at any time prior to the your league’s picks deadline.

  1. Making Picks / Deadlines:

Every week, each Team shall submit its 4 picks (3 in the case of Weeks 18 & 19; 2 in the case of Week 20; and 1 in the case of Week 21) via the app. Note: when making picks on the app, once you “lock” your picks, they are locked for the week and CANNOT BE CHANGED without using the new Unlock PowerUp (see PowerUp descriptions below.) Due to games taking place in the NFL on multiple days and times, we have added the concept of a “Latest Deadline”. You can always count on the Latest Deadline to be the same regardless of the week. Without exception, Picks must be submitted by the applicable deadlines as follows:
• Latest Deadline: Sunday at 1:00 PM ET (applies to Monday Night games)
• Other Deadlines: For any games that take place prior to the Latest Deadline (which include Thursday, Saturday and Sunday morning games located in England), the pick deadline for each respective game will be at kickoff of that game and you can
log back in to complete the remainder of your picks (if any) prior to the Latest Deadline – Sunday at 1:00 PM ET NOTE: Once a team selects “Lock Picks” they are in fact LOCKED and CANNOT be changed unless you use the Unlock Powerup described below.

  1. Late Picks: All deadlines are strictly enforced and no exceptions for technology related issues or
    user errors (i.e. not “locking” your picks) will be granted. Get your picks locked in early
    if you are concerned about not getting your picks in prior to a deadline or use the Late Picker
    PowerUp. Teams that fail to submit four picks by the Latest Deadline will be a LOSER for
    that week. However, there is a PowerUp designed to get you back in the game!
    If you miss the Pick Deadline, the Late Picker PowerUp allows you to purchase four randomly
    generated picks using credits. You have up until there are no longer four picks available for
    selection. A game is no longer available for selection by the Late Picker PowerUp once the
    game has started. If you don’t like your first pick combination, you may roll the dice and buy
    this PowerUp again for a new group of four randomly generated picks. You may do this up
    to a maximum of four times in a given week, but be careful you may not go back to one of
    the previous pick combinations once you have purchased this again.
    Note: Teams who lose on a Thursday pick(s) do not need to submit the remainder of their picks unless their league has special rules created by their league Commissioner. Teams that only submit Thursday picks and fail to submit the rest of their picks will be an automatic loser unless they opt to purchase the Late Picker PowerUp.
  1. PowerUps: FourPlay Football uses PowerUps to add interest and flexibility to the game and its rules.
    There are currently four (4) PowerUps and within a few weeks there will soon be seven (7)
    PowerUps that you can choose to purchase within the app using credits that you purchase
    with money via an In App purchase process on your smartphone. The PowerUps are as
    1. Late Picker Powerup – This Powerup allows a team that failed to submit picks prior
      to the pick deadline to get back into the action by receiving four (4) randomly
      generated picks. You can use this feature a maximum of four times per week.
    2. Global Pick % Powerup – This Powerup reveals the percentage of all FourPlay teams
      who have picked a specified NFL team that week.
    3. Pick Revealer Powerup – This Powerup reveals ONE of another league member’s
      picks before the Pick Deadline, as long as they’ve already locked in their picks. This
      is sometimes used to make sure your picks are different than the players above you
      in the standings to increase your chances of leaping them. Or use it to see ONE
      pick from a team who seems to have the golden touch. Note: This can be used on
      multiple teams.
    4. Ask The Gurus Powerup – This PowerUp allows a team to gain some fatherly
      wisdom from experienced FourPlay Gurus! Each Guru will provide two picks for the
      week with insight and reasoning behind each prediction. Note: Gurus may have
      overlapping picks from time to time.
    5. Unlock Picks Powerup – This PowerUp allows users to “unlock” picks they have
      already locked in and make changes prior to the pick deadline.
    6. “Bandwagon” Powerup – This PowerUp allows users to see the single most popular
      pick from their specific league (rather than site wide). This result will update as other
      teams lock in their picks. In other words, a user may see that Green Bay is the
      favorite pick on Wednesday but if he refreshes on Saturday, that may change to
      New England as fellow league members enter more picks.
  2. FP Live: FP Live is a real time game tracking center with color changing indicators that will allow you
    to quickly see what is going on in your league and the NFL at any given time. It will clearly
    show NFL teams that are covering, not covering or in jeopardy of not covering against the
    FP Spread. I am told it will be free this year.
  3. Commish Rules: The Commish of each league has the authority to change, modify or establish new rules as situations arise that require addressing. The Commish ruling will be final and enforceable on all teams.

If you have any questions on game rules or league management please contact us. We are here to help spread the greatest game EVER!!!

-Head Commish


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