FourPlay Football New Web App Released 2

“Thanks FourPlay! Now I don’t have to borrow my daughter’s iPad to put in my weekly picks!”



Make Picks on any desktop. Tell your android friends (not in a group text of course).
Purchase credits (through the menu option “BUY CREDITS”.
Current pick status is displayed on game days.
Master Standings Page
New Commissioner Tools
-Assign start/stop weeks to players. FourPlay’s scoring algorithm automatically calculates the master standings. Click the “pencil” icon and
-Delete Players: First, click the pencil icon and enter the number 1 into the field and save. Then, click the “X” next to the players name and select “user never played”. Use caution, there is no undo to this feature.)
Desktop compatible only.
Credits for Powerups can be purchased at until they are built into the new software.


League Picks
FP Live!
Global Public Leagues
Community Chat
Powerups Menu
o Pick Revealer
o Ask the Gurus
o Global Pick Percentage
o Late Picker
o Unlock Picks
o Bandwagon
FourPlay Stats Service
Server upgrades (they’re experiencing issues during peak viewing times at the beginning and end of games. It stalls out on our end as well).
Optimization of the website game for tablet and mobile.