FourPlay Football New Web App Released 2

“Head Commish, get your shit together!”
-All FourPlay Users


Jan 8th, 2022 @ 8:52pm:

Fellow FourPlayers,

Credit purchasing is fixed in the iOS app. Added a server for this weekend. Preparing to leave RackSpace and migrate to a different provider. Commissioners can edit league members start and stop weeks using FourPlay Online and the master standings should recalculate.

Seems like we’ve had overloaded servers every weekend. The last 2 weekends were unbearable.

Lots of tech issues this year. Many of you have questions. Here’s the scoop:

We’re moving away from Ruby on Rails (codebase). Rails worked for FourPlay’s MVP, however, each year the app has gotten worse while FourPlay is growing bigger.

The original FP app isn’t worth fixing, due to the shrinking number of Ruby on Rails developers to support the code. So, we’ve invested in building a new web app alongside the original MVP on a reliable codebase.

Fortunately, all of you are about as crazy and sick as us! So, you’ve stuck it out through the pain. Remember, we used to use spreadsheets to calculate point totals!

The road map is to finish building a full feature web app (penalty pot, more commish tools, credit purchases, etc.), then we’ll roll out mobile. Now is the time to send your feature requests!

Special thanks to Betty and the dev team for building the new app online.

Please take a minute and login on a laptop or tablet and give us your feedback.

Personally, I had to commit more time than I wanted to my other business during the heart of the season.

Focused on finishing the season strong and setting us up for success for the remainder of the year and off-season development.

Good luck this weekend and let there be BLOOD!!!

Thanks for reading,



Make Picks on any desktop. Tell your android friends (not in a group text of course).
Purchase credits (through the menu option “BUY CREDITS”.
Current pick status is displayed on game days.
Master Standings Page
New Commissioner Tools
-Assign start/stop weeks to players. FourPlay’s scoring algorithm automatically calculates the master standings. Click the “pencil” icon and
-Delete Players: First, click the pencil icon and enter the number 1 into the field and save. Then, click the “X” next to the players name and select “user never played”. Use caution, there is no undo to this feature.)
Desktop compatible only.
Credits for Powerups can be purchased at until they are built into the new software.


League Picks
FP Live!
Global Public Leagues
Community Chat
Powerups Menu
o Pick Revealer
o Ask the Gurus
o Global Pick Percentage
o Late Picker
o Unlock Picks
o Bandwagon
FourPlay Stats Service
Server upgrades (they’re experiencing issues during peak viewing times at the beginning and end of games. It stalls out on our end as well).
Optimization of the website game for tablet and mobile.

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