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How do I remove a team?

Only the Commissioner can remove a team. From the app homepage click on the “# of teams”:

A list of the teams in your league will appear with removal buttons next to each team name.

How to remove league members from your FourPlay league. Only a Commissioner can remove another league member. After the member leaves, their score is frozen in the standings.

What happens to the leaderboard when a team is removed?

The team removed is frozen in the standings for the rest of the season.

Can a team join mid-season?

Yes, and we encourage inviting quality members who show interest during the season. More league members means more weekly blood (losers) and increases the excitement of your league.

How do I invite more teams into my league?

If league members want to invite friends, please send the new team’s name and email to your Commissioner because the invitation needs to come from the Commish. Pro Tip: Great leagues require the team who invites a friend to vouch or “sponsor” the rookie team in the event they disappear after losing.


What happens if the football game ends in a tie?

A tie is a loss.

What happens if there are no winners in my league for the week?

This is called “NO BLOOD” and usually happens 1 or 2 weeks each season. Most leagues have their Commissioner double the juice for the following week. However, it is up to each league to decide. Also, don’t forget to have your Commissioner change the juice back to its normal level for your league for the following week.

What happens if there are no losers in my league for the week?

This is also a “NO BLOOD” situation. Most leagues have their Commissioner double the juice for the following week. However, it is up to each league to decide.

What happens if the game is cancelled last minute?

∫If you pick a team that has a game cancelled at the last minute the pick counts as a win. If there is enough notice of the cancellation we will reach out to users to have them select a different team.

What happens when a player doesn’t make their picks by the pick deadline?

Not making all 4 picks results in a loss. However, you can still make late picks if you miss the pick deadline and there are still more games left by using the “Late Picker Powerup”. The Late Picker selects 4 random teams for you from the remaining games. If you don’t like the random picks, you can try again (max 4 times total) for 4 new random picks.


What is the best way to learn FourPlay Football?

The best way to learn is to play! The spread adjustments can seem confusing at first but will all make sense as you watch the games and follow along in the app using “FP Live”

When do spreads get posted each week?

Every Wednesday at Noon (EST)?

Do the spreads move during the week?

No, they are locked each Wednesday at Noon (EST).

Can I pick both teams in the same game?

Due to the nature of a FourPlay Spread, it is possible to both sides of the same game. This is called “THE STRADDLE”. This is common in games where two teams tend to historically play close games against each other (i.e. Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh). As long as it is a close game with both sides beating the spread, you win!

Where do I go in the app during the games?

Go to the app homepage and select FP Live! This is where all of the action is located. You can see the action of your entire league with the FourPlay spreads in real-time. Click on the “Stats” tab to view the most popular picks in your league


How does weekly scoring work in my league?

Your score is determined by the success and failure of your league members. Please see the scoring tutorial video below:


What are “PowerUps” and how do I use them?

PowerUps are fun strategy in app purchases that help with gameplay. They are also the source of money for FourPlay to maintain the game for our growing community. Access the PowerUps menu from your league homepage.

Pick Revealer (a.k.a. “The Peeping Tom”)

Reveal ONLY ONE of another league member’s picks before the Pick Deadline! Curious about what hot players in your league are picking? Use this Powerup to pull back that mystery curtain. Reveal one of another league member’s picks before the Pick Deadline, as long as they’ve already chosen! This is sometimes used to make sure your picks are different than the players above you (to increase your chances of passing them in the standings).  Note: This can be used on multiple players.

Ask the Gurus

Get advice from top FourPlay Football experts!

Gain some fatherly wisdom from an experienced FourPlay Gurus! Each guru will provide their 4 picks for the week with insight and reasoning behind each prediction. Use multiple times to get different perspectives.

Note: Gurus may have overlapping picks from time to time. This is usually a sign of a good pick!

Global Pick % (a.k.a. “The Risk Reward”)

A valuable strategy PowerUp! When forming your weekly strategy, “The Risk Reward” reveals the popularity of picks by showing the Global Pick % for your pick in question! Looking to “play it safe” this week with a “mainstream” pick? Or do you want to be a renegade and pick an obscure team (to try and pass the mainstream pickers above you)? Uncover this valuable data, and determine your strategy! Note: This can be used on multiple picks.

Unlock Picks Powerup

No video necessary. The “Unlock Picks” PowerUp allows you to unlock picks before the pick deadline.

Late Picker Powerup

Missed the deadline? Why be a loser for the week when you can still have a chance at winning? Roll the dice with this Powerup to get four randomly generated picks. Note: This can be used a maximum of 4 times. However, you may not go back to any previously generated picks once you use it again.



Due to the fact that there are fewer NFL games during NFL playoff weeks, and thus fewer games to choose from, FourPlay Football expands the number of picking options by making the OVER/UNDER spreads available for selection and the weekly scoring will change slightly as follows:

Week 18 | Wild Card Weekend

Make only 3 picks (instead of 4) and the spreads will be adjusted by 10 points (instead of 14) in favor of each chosen pick. Over/Unders will be included as picking options.

Week 19 | Divisional Playoff

Make only 3 picks (instead of 4) with over/under included. The spreads will be adjusted by 10 points (instead of 14) in favor of each chosen pick.

Week 20 | Divisional Championship

Make only 2 picks with over/under included. The spreads will be adjusted by just 6 points in favor of each chosen pick.

Week 21 | Championship Weekend

Make only 1 pick against the normal spread without any adjustment to guarantee blood. Over/Under included.


For the bowl games, FourPlay keeps the same teaser of +14 per team.

For the NCAA College Playoff FourPlay includes OVER/UNDER spreads and reduces the game point spread to +7.

The Championship game includes OVER/UNDER spreads with no teaser to the regular spread or the OVER/UNDER spread.

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