UPDATE: (Sept 20, 2021 8:08PM EST) – Commissioners, you can visit http://play.fourplayfootball.com to access the new tool to edit your league. Use your regular credentials to login. Click the pencil icon to edit a league members timeline of playing. To delete a league member who was auto renewed but did not play. Edit first with the pencil icon by inserting 1 into the field. Then, click the “X” icon and select the option that says they never played.

UPDATE: (Sept 2, 2021 @ 5:03PM EST) – Commissioners will receive a tool next week that will allow you to drop players from your league. If you need assistance please call/text 248-971-0617 or email betty@fourplayfootball.com and we’ll help!

KNOWN BUGS: (Sept 2, 2021 @ 4:47PM EST) – Some Commissioners have reported the app freezes when inviting players via “Address Book”. The workaround is to invite by email address. Cut and paste for speed.


Can a team join mid-season?

YES, and we encourage inviting quality members who show interest during the season. More league members means more weekly blood (losers) and increases the excitement of your league.

Pro Tip: Experienced leagues require the team who invites a friend to vouch or “sponsor” the rookie team in the event they disappear after losing.

How do I invite more teams into my league during the season?

The same link you used at the beginning of the season stays in the app for the Commissioner all year.

If league members want to invite friends, have them send you their email address so you can send the invitation because it can only come from you.

How do I remove a team?

Only the Commissioner can remove a team. From the app homepage click on the “# of teams”:

A list of the teams in your league will appear with removal buttons next to each team name.

What happens to the leaderboard when a team is removed?

The team removed is frozen in the standings for the rest of the season. If the pick window is open and a player is removed (common during week 1) then your standings will need to be reconciled. This is because the player dropped and didn’t lock picks making them a loser during weekly action.

If your standings are off, please email support and we’ll reconcile your standing before kickoff of the next week.

Occasionally, mega losers will want to drop late in the season. In this event, these LOSERS should finish the current week and you should remove them BEFORE the pick window opens for the next week (this season it’s Thursday at Noon EST).

The removed team will be frozen in the standings and visible for the rest of the season so your standings make sense at year end.


What happens if the football game ends in a tie?

A tie is a loss.

What happens if there are no winners in my league for the week?

This is called “NO BLOOD” and usually happens 1 or 2 weeks each season. Most leagues have their Commissioner double the juice for the following week. However, it is up to each league to decide. Also, don’t forget to have your Commissioner change the juice back to its normal level for your league for the following week.

What happens if there are no losers in my league for the week?

This is also a “NO BLOOD” situation. Most leagues have their Commissioner double the juice for the following week. However, it is up to each league to decide.

What happens if the game is cancelled last minute?

If you pick a team that has a game cancelled at the last minute the pick counts as a win. If there is enough notice of the cancellation we will reach out to users to have them select a different team.

What happens when a player doesn’t make their picks by the pick deadline?

Not making all 4 picks results in a loss. However, you can still make late picks if you miss the pick deadline and there are still more games left by using the “Late Picker Powerup”. The Late Picker selects 4 random teams for you from the remaining games. If you don’t like the random picks, you can try again (max 4 times total) for 4 new random picks.