Let's teach you FourPlay.

Remember, practice makes perfect.

FP101: The Basics

Pick Window Opens

Every Wednesday at Noon EST we publish the spreads for the games. FourPlay spreads add 14 points to every team, please make sure you understand the following example.

Example: Balt vs. Pitt has a spread of Balt -3. You can pick Baltimore getting +11 (-3+14) or Pittsburgh getting +17 points (3+14). Or you can “straddle” by picking both teams if you believe a certain game will stay close to the spread.

Lock Your Picks

Choose wisely! There is no turning back!

Pray to Your God!

FourPlay gave you 14 extra points per pick, but you must win ALL FOUR picks to be a WINNER!

Rise & Fall in Your League Standings!

With FourPlay you’re never out of it.  Your league will have huge swings as teams boom and bust!