Look, man has accomplished many things in his journey towards greatness. The skyscraper, the Internet, the automobile, Tiger Woods, and the reverse cowgirl are only a few of his biggest successes.

Well, today we can add one more to the list: FourPlay Football, the next evolution of friend leagues. Just like you, we were the first fantasy commissioners before your creepy neighbor and weird co-worker even knew about it. 

A decade later we woke up and realized that we love the actual game of football and not just a few all-stars on each team. We like to feel the swings of the game, and we believe that 4th quarters are about rooting for a TEAM.

To us, Fantasy Football has become a necessary evil, a fantastic social event which unfortunately consumes too much of our valuable time. We’ve all been there, spending countless hours to “research” how many receptions Kansas City allows to TEs on the road. 

Sometimes, despite our efforts, we are obliterated by an untimely turf toe, unforeseen DUI, or Tom Brady’s left knee…in the first game of the season…when we drafted him with the #1 overall pick…F*#kkk!

FourPlay Football is a game where YOU control your own destiny. Maybe that’s why we are hearing whispers from our underground users (almost blasphemously) stating, “I like it better than Fantasy.”

Team FourPlay